How does my business Apply to be an Oklahoma Certified Family Positive Workplace?

Each Certified Family Positive Workplace has three levels of certification: Commitment, Achievement (Attainment), and Distinction. The Certified Family Positive Workplace criteria and scoring may vary by category (Workplace Flexibility, Child Care Services, Family Services, and Direct/Indirect Services). There are different elements listed within the application for each category, and the applicant will use a check mark to denote the elements that are currently being implemented within the business.

We are currently accepting applications for the 2020 Oklahoma Family Positive Workplace Certification cycle.  The application can be filled out below.

A list of definitions for certain criteria are also available here.

Also, you can review your current policies and practices now and compare them to some listed (see below) on the 2020 Oklahoma Family Positive Workplace Certification application and start planning for your Family Positive Workplace implementation!

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Flextime vs. Specific Hours
Job Sharing Options
Work from Home/Telecommuting
Part-Time Work
Time Off During Work Day for Family Matters
Onsite or Near Site Child Care
Children at Work Options
Child Care Benefits
Child Care Resource/Referral
Backup Child Care Services
Unpaid School Holiday Leave
Employer Sponsored Child Care
Backup Child Care Services
Sick Child Care
Children at Work Options
Child Care Resource & Referral
Employer Offers Early Childhood Literature for Employees

Paid Time Off for Sick Child Care
Sick Child Care
Paid Family Medical Leave
Unpaid Family Medical Leave
Elder Care/Caregiver Leave
Unpaid Extended Family Medical Leave
Elder Care Resources
Paid Paternity Leave
Unpaid Paternity Leave
Post Maternity Phase Back
Organized Family Events
Paid Time Off for Adoption/Fostering
Encourage Personalization of Workplace
Employer Offers Flexible Spending Account (FSA) for Child Care
Dedicated Nursing/Lactation Facility
Organized Family Events
Employer Offers Parenting Education/Support for Employees
Employer Offers Parenting/Early Childhood Speakers

Adoption Assistance Benefit
Employee Assistance Program
Parenting/Family Support Groups
Employee Tuition Assistance Benefit
Sick Leave Bank or Sharing
Opportunity for Skill Dev. & Progression
Pre-retirement Planning Services
Health and Wellness Program
Health Insurance Benefits
Phased Retirement
Dental Insurance Benefits
Flexible Benefit/Spending Account (Sec 125)
Vision Insurance Benefits
Retirement Plan or 401K
Life Insurance Benefits
Paid Time Off for Volunteer Work
Disability Insurance Benefits

For further information about Family Positive Workplace Policies or the application cycle, please contact Linda Turner below.  Please visit follow us on Facebook as @OKFamilyPositive or at

Linda Turner, SPHR, SHRM-SCP HR & Office Manager