Who we are

OKCEOs was formed over five years ago as a partnership of the Oklahoma Business Roundtable, Potts Family Foundation, and Smart Start Oklahoma. OKCEOs is a network of business and civic leaders from across the State of Oklahoma who recognize that early childhood development is a significant economic, social, and workforce issue. We understand the neuroscience of brain development, that 80% of brain development occurs in the first three years of life and is “activity-dependent.” Critical early investments in social-emotional and cognitive activities with evidence-based programs for children and their parents yield enhanced outcomes for both. Those investments strengthen the link between early childhood development, economic growth and workforce development.

We are 60+ strong and growing in numbers; we are committed to sharing our message in Oklahoma communities and with businesses/organizations through presentations, Op-Eds, and printed/electronic information.

Member Responsibilities

  • Become an advocate for birth to five early childhood development
  • Recruit additional advocates through interpersonal and business relationships
  • Attend periodic events in support of this issue (conferences, workshops)
  • Consider lending your name to print columns (Op-Eds), participating in radio segments and/or speaking engagements, and keeping your legislators informed on this critically important topic during and after the legislative session
  • Commit to hosting or attending an educational breakfast/lunch in your community to educate the broader community and recruit new members who are willing to advocate on behalf of Oklahoma children.

Time Commitment

  • No formal time commitment is required. The degree of involvement is determined by each member and by their participation in events and advocacy opportunities mentioned above.
  • Periodic electronic/telephonic communication will transpire with the Potts Family Foundation staff for updates on upcoming events, new studies, research, and new members.

Monetary Commitment

  • None

To schedule one of our OKCEO members to speak at your next meeting or event, click here to fill out a speaker request form.

You can send completed request forms to Margie Marney at mmarney@pottsfamilyfoundation.org.